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The Beach House

Cosmic Horror
Director: Jeffrey A. Brown
Starring: Liana Liberato and Noah Le Gros

This movie wasn’t on my radar until an email from Shudder that described it as a Lovecraftian horror film. Instantly intrigued, I booted it up and pressed play.

The Beach House is definitely in the sphere of cosmic horror.

Fear of the unknown and the future is at its core. The central plot is a young couple, Emily and Randall arriving at a beach house. Randall has just dropped out of college and is trying to persuade Emily to do the same despite her aspirations to get a degree in organic chemistry.

They’re soon joined by Mitch and Jane Miller. Jane is terminally ill and Mitch brought her up here so they could enjoy one last trip together.

The movie starts off slow but once Mitch and Jane are introduced the dread starts to ramp up nicely. The movie is beautifully shot and there’s a creepy, ever present ambiance in every scene. The gore is minimal but the creature design is perfectly in line with Cosmic Horror. Sticky, wet, shambling messes that are instantly threatening despite how slow they move.

The Beach House is a nice slow burn of a movie. If you’re a fan of Cosmic horror it’s worth checking out.