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Cobweb is an enjoyable Halloween Fairy Tale that doesn’t quite stick the landing

Cobweb is a 2023 movie directed by written by Chris Thomas Devlin, directed by Samuel Bodin and starring Lizzy Caplan, Cleopatra Coleman, Antony Starr and Woody Norman.

This movie has aesthetics for days. It’s beautifully shot and the score from Drum and Lace adds a lot to the atmosphere (It’s a score I would actually listen to by itself).

Look at this. Seriously.

Peter (Woody Norman) is an 8 year old without friends who is getting bullied at school. His parents Carol (Lizzy Caplan) and Mark (Antony Starr) are emotionally distant and very overbearing. One day, during recess Peter stays inside and this is the beginning of his substitute teacher Miss Devine (Coleman) taking an interest in him and wanting to protect him. Peter just screams pitiful and it’s very easy to see why a teacher would form that bond with him.

Carol and Mark disallow Peter from going Trick or Treating this year. Despite the protestations of Carol, Mark explains that it’s due to the disappearance of a little girl in their neighborhood a few years before Peter was born. This is when everything kicks into motion.

Peter begins talking to a girl in the walls who says her name is Sarah. She is sad but friendly and seems to want to protect Peter. She encourages him to stand up to his bully and be the one who is feared instead of being afraid.

The movie cleverly takes advantage of a fantastical colour palette. You really do feel like you’re watching a fairy tale come to life inside the house. The performances from all of the actors are strong and Woody Norman plays a socially awkward, terrified child perfectly.

The final act of the movie doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the first bit though. The build up is done with so much tension and dread that when it’s time for the pay off you’re just left shaking your head. It’s still interesting but it’s one of those things that should have maybe gone through a few more rounds of “Should we?” during the writing process.

Overall, I enjoyed Cobweb. Excellent cinematography, great performances and a great score keep this fairy tale entertaining and watchable from start to finish even if the ending is somewhat disjointed and a little disappointing. Do yourself a favour and watch it.