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The Sadness – Flash Review

The Sadness is a 2021 Taiwanese horror movie directed by Rob Jabbaz. It stars Brent Zhu, Regina Lei and Tzu-Chiang Wang

What’s it about?:
A rage virus hits Taiwan and two lovers on opposite ends of the city try to find each other.

Is it good?:
It is. I think?

Did you enjoy it:
Kind of? Look, I’m not squeamish at all but there are a few scenes in this movie that left me staring at the screen in shock. I’ve seen just about everything. One of the first movies I remember writing a review for was High Tension and that’s a movie that really isn’t afraid to “go there.” The Sadness is hyper violent and it never pulls back or shies away from doing the things that most other horror movies only hint at.

Tzu-Chiang Wang was phenomenal as “The Businessman” though. One of the best villains I’ve seen in a movie in quite some time.

Do you recommend it?:
I do not. You know those horror movies you love that are so supremely fucked up you just can’t in good conscience recommend them to another living soul? This is one of them.

Final thoughts:
Definitely not for the squeamish. There’s a solid lovers trying to reunite story here but there’s some pretty disturbing imagery throughout.