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The Resort is a bad movie from a best forgotten era

I won’t beat around the bush here, this movie sucked. It was everything that was awful about early 2000s horror movies. I had to pause and go back to the main screen after pressing play to make sure it was actually from 2021.

The plot:

A group of friends go to an abandoned resort to find the “half faced woman”. They’re warned repeatedly not to miss their ride back and guess what…they miss their ride back. Morons. Weird things start happening, their flashlights start to flicker at the most inconvenient times and they’re chased by Lisa from PT.

The movie is done through flashbacks. The only survivor of their trip is Lex who is speaking to a detective about what went wrong and how her friends disappeared.

Is it good:

Hell no. The entire thing felt like I somehow went through a time warp and ended up in 2001.  I had to check my surroundings repeatedly to make sure I was still here in 2023. complete with stupid fucking ending that makes you extra angry for wasting your time watching it. They actually used the “it was all a dying dream” trope after 2005. In horror.

Final thoughts:

Jesus wept.