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Hellraiser: Hellworld

I want everybody to think back to a time in their lives when they had a dying relative. I’m sure you made a promise to this relative at some point during a hospital visit. Did you break that promise? Because if you did, then this movie exists almost entirely as a way to punish you for that.


I don’t really even know where to begin with this review, this movie is just God-awful. It’s similar in premise to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, in that the fictional characters become real and end up causing havoc and chaos in our world. That is where the similarities end, because where New Nightmare was slightly entertaining and a step up from the few previous Freddy films, Hellworld is a pure abomination and waste of precious molecules.


Normally, I will describe the opening scene of a movie and then give a few plot points but I really, really don’t feel like doing that here. This movie opens up as a trainwreck and only gets worse from there. Every second you spend watching this movie is a form of self harm. You will start wondering what you’ve done wrong in your life to deserve this, you will think back to hearts and promises broken. Maybe you will question your diet and wonder if you’re doing enough for the planet?


There is absolutely nothing good about this film…at all. I love terrible horror movies as much as the next person because there’s usually something that you can enjoy about them, Hellworld just makes you hate yourself for watching it. Terrible, avoid at all costs.