Back again? I guess?


Welcome to the fourth iteration of this website. What began in 2013 as evolved into and was a giant part of my life for several years. That wound up coming to and end due to burnout and all the unfair expectations I was putting on the other people involved in the website. Some really great people used to write there.

In 2019 I once again attempted to revive it under the name Republic of Horror with three of my friends. It lasted for a while and was going well but once again my mental health prevented me from being able to dedicate any energy to the operation of the site and that ended.

But now, we’re back on a smaller scale…for now at least.

What’s changed you ask? What’s so different this time?

Well, a lot has changed in my life. I’ve been in therapy, I exercise regularly and my mental health is stronger now than it’s probably ever been. I’ve greatly missed the community and the wonderful people in it. I’ve also really missed writing things. So I’m attempting a comeback.

There won’t be any official social media accounts with the website this time because I already run the twitter (Do a decent job) and the instagram (I do poorly here) for my band Arklay Mountains. For now, it’ll just be me writing and releasing posts into the void on my personal twitter account. Maybe it’ll grow. Maybe it won’t (It probably won’t), but I know one thing, I’m ready to have fun back in the horror world.

It’s good to be back and I’ve missed you


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